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Standing at attention with a proud look on his face is Barnabas. He is a 2 yr. old Weimaraner that is a trained Service Dog.
Barnabas has many important and special jobs of helping his Veteran. One such job is picking up items off of the floor with his mouth.
Unfortunately, he recently injured his mouth. Barnabas damaged his lower canine.
Since this was one of the important jobs Barnabas has it was decided that the best long term action was to try and save his tooth.
Sadie Dog Fund found out about Barnabas’s valuable service he performs for his Veteran and wanted him to be able to continue on helping his person for a long time.
Through the Veteran’s Dog Assistance Program that is dedicated to our Veteran’s and their dogs, Sadie Dog Fund was happy to help with financial assistance for Barnabas to have a root canal.
After his procedure and a bit of healing time, Barnabas is back in action alongside his Veteran happily doing all of the important jobs he was trained for as well as giving love and support to his human.
Thank you, Barnabas for your service and thank you to our brave men and women for yours!
Tucker Boothe with name (2)
You can’t tell by looking, but this little fur baby is 16 yrs old. His name is Tucker and he is a Westie-Poodle mix. This little guy has had quite the battle to fight.
Tucker was recently hospitalized for Diabetic Ketoacidosis, pancreatitis, and urinary tract infection. Not only is that a mouth full, but it was life threatening.
Tucker spent several days in critical care for treatment, which resulted in over $3,000 dollars of unexpected medical bills. So Tucker’s veterinarian reached out to Sadie Dog Fund for immediate assistance.
After receiving lots of loving care from the veterinary staff Tucker is finally back home where he should be with his family, running around like normal.
Keep shining Tucker, we at Sadie Dog Fund love helping dogs like you!
Bella Bartlett IMG_0715.JPG
Look at that pretty smile. This happy girl is Bella. She loves to run and chase her favorite ball around the yard. Not long ago however, Bella was very sick. She ended up with pyometra.  
Pyometra is a serious and life threatening infection that happens as a result of not being spayed. Pyometra has to be treated quickly and aggressively to ensure the health and well being of the dog.
When Bella’s family found out what was happening to their sweet girl they contacted Sadie Dog Fund for help immediately. Bella needed to be spayed and have medications along with a hospital stay for the best recovery.
Bella came through like a trooper and is home safe and sound with her family. Bella’s family is grateful for all the financial help and support Sadie Dog Fund gave to them.
Please remember to spay and neuter your pets so they won’t have to go through a painful situation like this one
Orio Votava unnamed.jpg 2.jpg
See this cute cookie in the picture. This is Orio a 1 yr. old Great Dane adopted off of Craig’s List.
Shortly after her family adopted her she was hit by a car which broke her front leg unfortunately. Orio’s family was scared and didn’t want to lose this precious pup, but they could not cover the expensive cost of surgery that Orio needed.
Thankfully, the veterinarian contacted Sadie Dog Fund for help.
The plan was to have orthopedic surgery, but there were complications. She ended up having her leg amputated.
Orio had a very rough time recovering and had a long stay at the hospital.
She is now completely recovered and adjusting to mobility with 3 legs. With the love and support of her human family. Youth and a strong spirit are on her side.
Daisy Nowak 20180918_172824.jpg
Take a look at this beautiful majestic face. This is Miss Daisy. This sweet nine year old black lab belonged to one of our brave U.S. Veterans here in Lincoln,NE. at the Victory Park apartments. She served her human well as did the Veteran who served our country. Sadly, Daisy’s Veteran passed away.
Fortunately for her, another of our amazing Veterans fell in love with Daisy and was kind enough to take her in. This pup is in good hands and is loved by so many of the other residents as well. Dogs like Daisy provide so much love and compassion to our service members. They give lots of love and energy for their Veterans in a way that makes it easy for their person to give love back.
Miss Daisy suffered from the painful and life threatening condition pyometra and had a mass on her chest. A Lincoln, Ne veterinarian reached out to Sadie Dog Fund for assistance with the surgery expenses.
All of the surgeries went well and Daisy is back to her sweet loving self being a wonderful companion to her Veteran.
Sadie Dog Fund loves to help our U.S. Veterans and is always happy to help them and their dogs through our special Veteran’s Dog Assistance Program. We will be hosting our Pawsome Holiday Pet Portrait fundraiser in November, 2018. All proceeds will go to help Veteran’s Dogs. Please mark your calendars for Sunday, November 18th. This is a way for all of us to support and give back to those who sacrificed so much for our country.
Or, you may donate at and specify Veteran’s Dog Assistance Program on your donation. Thank you.



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Daisy, Micha, and Lulu three very sweet and cuddly females all had one unfortunate thing in common. They all had pyometra.
Pyometra is an extremely painful infection of the uterus. It is considered to be a very serious and life threatening condition that must be treated immediately and aggressively for the dog to survive. Dogs with pyometra can have a yellow or green pus discharge, lethargy, fever, vomiting, distention of the abdomen, increased thirst and excessive licking.

Sadie Dog Fund was contacted and quickly stepped in to help the families of these three beautiful dogs. With surgery and treatment Daisy, Micha, and Lulu all survived after having a ovariohysterectomies (or spay) to save their lives.
Please remember Pyometra can usually be avoided if young female dogs are spayed. Please have your dog spayed by your veterinarian. If cost is an issue, there are low cost spay neuter clinics in most areas. In Lincoln, Nebraska you may contact our friends at or in Auburn, Nebraska, to get on their schedule.

This cute trio are happy , healthy and back home where they belong with their families.

Archie Huff 20180717_120417.jpg

This cute and very fluffy puppy is Archie. A 4 yr. old Japanese/Maltese mix. Archie is a fun loving and sweet dog that sadly is missing his tail. Due to an unfortunate mistake , Archie’s tail was braided by a young human in the household.

The braiding caused the circulation to be completely cut off causing the tail to die. Archie became very sick and would not eat or even move.
The family did not have the financial means to get Archie’s tail amputated which is what was needed for his survival. Sadie Dog Fund was contacted and quickly stepped in to help.
Thanks to Sadie Dog Fund’s assistance, Archie is now back home minus a tail,but with a smile in his furry face.

Dakota Tafoyer.jpg

What a gorgeous young pup with his white coat. This is Dakota a 7 month old husky that got into a bit of mischief and accidently ingested ibuprofen.

His owners knew how dangerous this was for a dog especially young Dakota. They immediately rushed him to NAMC Emergency Veterinary Clinic.

Thanks to the quick action of the veterinarians and staff at NAMC Dakota survived! He had to be hospitalized, given IV fluids and medications.

His owner being a disabled U.S. veteran needed help paying for the expensive treatment to get this beautiful boy back home.

Sadie Dog Fund was contacted and more than happy to help and give back to one of our U.S. military that served our country proudly. Now Dakota is feeling better and back home able to give all the love and attention he can to his very special person.

Dogs like Dakota provide so much companionship and support or our military veterans through all kinds of life changing situations. Sadie Dog Fund is proud to support our military.


Awww Perry, you’re so handsome!:)
Perry’s very kind veterinarian wrote a letter to Sadie Dog Fund requesting financial assistance for 6 year old Perry, who suffered a bite wound injury. The injury resulted in 2 surgeries, continuous medical boarding, daily hydrotherapy, wound healing laser therapy and medication. Needless to say the lengthy care and stay for Perry resulted in substantial medical bills for his family. We were told that even though this caused financial hardship for Perry’s family, they never complained to their veterinarian.
Sadie Dog Fund was happy to help this dedicated family and Perry’s dedicated veterinarian at Animal Medical Clinic in Grand Island, NE.
we are happy to report that Perry has healed completely and is home with his loving family. Have a wonderful life Perry!
We at appreciate the public’s support these past 10 years as we celebrate our anniversary. We could not help dogs like Perry and his family stay together, without your kind donations


“Say hello to Coco. She is a big dog in a small package. Coco was a happy puppy, but her teeth needed some work. The owner wanted to get her teeth cleaned,but was disabled and couldn’t cover the cost of the expensive cleaning and blood work up that the vet needed to do.

Sadie Dog Fund was contacted immediately to give a helping hand to Coco’s owner and bring a bright smile back to her face. After the cleaning and micro chip implant to help keep her safe, Coco is home with her owner doing what she does lots of kisses.”


Kodah Beckley IMG_0121

Meet Kodah. This sweet girl was brought into the vet’s office after her family had noticed she wasn’t herself. She was very lethargic and wasn’t drinking or eating. The vet immediately started her on an IV and lab work to find out what was wrong.

The vet had suspected Kodah had swallowed a foreign body do to the odor coming from her mouth. When she was stable enough, x-rays were taken and sure enough she had ingested a rock. The only way for Kodah to survive was to perform emergency stomach surgery. Do to unforeseen circumstances the family couldn’t cover the cost of this expensive surgery. They turned to Sadie Dog Fund to help save Kodah’s life. Miss Kodah is healing nicely after surgery and her family is happy to have their lovable girl home again.”

Emmie Vogt IMG_0031

Miss Emme, a 6 year old ShihPoo, was in a lot of pain due to bladder stones. Her family was unable to pay for surgery to remove them. They couldn’t let their little Emme continue to suffer. The family reached out to Sadie Dog Fund for financial assistance.
Sadie Dog Fund, of Lincoln, NE, used part of their veterinary assistance grant from Banfield Foundation to pay for Emme’s surgery. Sadie Dog Fund is proud to be partnering with Banfield Foundation to free dogs from pain and save their lives. Sadie Dog Fund and Miss Emme thank Banfield Foundation for helping pets across our nation, remain with their families.

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Benji Boswelljpg

“Say Hello to Benji. This happy go lucky little boy found a second chance when adopted by a wonderful owner who loves him so very much. Recently, Benji’s owner found out he has cancer, but was not about to give up on him and committed to very expensive chemotherapy treatment .

Sadie Dog Fund stepped up and gifted Benji with one chemotherapy treatment though Adrian’s Wish a special fund within Sadie Dog Fund for dogs with cancer. With this life saving gift Benji is feeling great, smiling and grateful for this third chance at life with his wonderful owner.”