Suzie, a 3 year old Scottish Terrier, was very, very ill. She was hospitalized, at a new veterinary clinic, with pancreatitis, liver inflammation and diabetic ketoacidosis, all brought on by overuse of steroids prescribed by her previous veterinarian.

Her family had fallen on hard times from health issues which led to financial ruin.  They lost their 30 year old business and home.  They now lived in a 450 square foot handicapped accessible apartment near their daughters. Four years before, they lost their 13 year old Scottish Terrier to cancer.

Suzie was a surprise puppy from their daughter, who brought this home bound couple comfort, love, laughter and something to care about.

Never in 70 years had they asked for financial help from anyone. Following the advice of their veterinarian, feeling embarrassed, they turned to Sadie Dog Fund for help to save Suzie. Knowing how much Suzie had been through and how much she meant to her family, Sadie Dog Fund was happy to help.

After days of intense treatment, special diet and care, Suzie rebounded. She brings sunshine into her family’s life everyday with her gentle love and spunky presence. Suzie sits patiently on the lap of her wheel chair bound family member, while he pets her and his loneliness melts away.



Shorti Doo Wop, a little Corgi, woke up one morning with his eye swollen shut.  He had a temperature of 103, wasn’t eating and was a little on the grumpy side.  Who could blame the poor guy who had severe dental issues?

Shorti’s human mom had recently found a place for them to stay, through an assistance program, after being homeless for 6 months.  Shorti Doo Wop was her everything.  She needed him in her life.   Through her veterinarian, she turned to Sadie Dog Fund for help. Shorti had some teeth extracted and the his infection was cleared up. Free of pain, little Shorti is Doo Wopping through life again.



Finnegan, a 5-year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel had a severe left patella luxation.  He was is extreme pain when he walked.  His right patella was beginning to show signs of wear and tear from relying on it to ease the weight on his left leg.

Finnegan’s person feared he would become immobile if surgery was not done soon.  She was struggling with an illness of her own which prevented her from finishing veterinary school and working anywhere for more than 18 hours per week.  She was receiving social security disability because of this.

Knowing Finnegan’s left patella needed immediate surgery, his veterinarian called on the Sadie Dog Fund to help with medical expenses.

The surgery was so successful that Finnegan is walking better on his left leg than ever before. His right leg has been relieved of overuse and will not require surgery.