How We Help

The Sadie Dog Fund (SDF) strives to help keep Nebraska dogs alive and in their homes
with the people that love them. SDF does this by providing financial assistance for unforeseen medical expenses that prevent premature euthanasia, avoid a life of pain, or being surrendered to an overburdened animal shelter. SDF also places an emphasis on education and prevention.

With every dog that we help, we remember the importance that one dog has to his or her family. We appreciate that we are not only saving an animal’s life but we are keeping a family together and avoiding heartbreak and tragedy in that home. We have all been through tough times, and those of use with dogs know, it is then that we need them the most. During tough times, dogs don’t let you down, when so many other things do. We feel strongly that our assistance is much more than just helping to pay a veterinary bill.