Our process:

  1. Your veterinarian must contact the Sadie Dog Fund with your dog’s diagnosis and cost of treatment plan.
  2. You will be required to complete a Sadie Dog Fund application from your veterinarian and submit a photo of your dog.
  3. You will be required to pay the veterinarian at least 10% of treatment cost.
  4. Post-treatment, provide pictures and assistance questionnaire for SDF to use (May choose to be anonymous)

How to qualify:

  • You receive government assistance (Food Stamps, Welfare, SSI Disability, Social Security, WIC, or Medicaid)
  • You are a disabled U.S. Veteran or a retired U.S. Veteran in a low income group
  • If you are not part of any of the circumstances above, but have catastrophic personal circumstances (life-threatening illness, foreclosure, home burned down, natural disaster, etc.) please explain and provide documentation such as a letter from your doctor regarding medical condition, home foreclosure paperwork, etc. Include this with your Sadie Dog Fund application.

Paperwork that may need to be included with your application (if applicable):

  • Proof of government assistance ( Medicaid, Food Stamps etc.)
  • Veteran Discharge Papers
  • Foreclosure Statement
  • Copy of government deposit, highlighted on bank statement (SSI, SSI Disability etc.)
  • Proof of low income.
  • Letter from your doctor regarding medical condition.

Sadie Dog Fund prefers to help clients only once. We encourage applicants/recipients to start their own “Pet Fund”. Saving a few dollars each week or month will help with the cost of getting their pets the emergency medical attention they need and deserve.